Alex, in general:

I have lived all over the Great State of Michigan. From Grand Rapids, to Traverse City and now in Metro Detroit. My extensive culinary background says we should be friends and get you fed! I live with my One-eyed, no-brained, heart-of-gold pup Wilma.

                                                 THE   Wilma.

                                                 THE Wilma.

Outside of Photo-Taking, I am working very hard on being more traveled, eating all of the foods, and coming to terms with the fact that I am a grown man who will always stop for a smooch from a pooch.

Alex's Style:

To me, a good photograph is a story we are inspired to tell ourselves. It is an amalgamation where everyone is given the same pieces but never builds the same puzzle.

'Styles' come and go, but something that has not changed since my very first wedding is my die hard passion for discretely capturing the effortless magic of the day by combining my experience in light, angle and position with unexpected and authentic moments to produce a truly timeless image.